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About BCBP

The Brotherhood Beginnings

The Brotherhood of Christian Businessmen & Professionals can trace its beginnings to the Ang Ligaya ng Panginoon Covenant Community as well as to the community movement and Charismatic Renewal from which it sprang.

The Ang Ligaya ng Panginoon was established in 1975 by members of a Charismatic prayer group meeting at Assumption College in Makati. Ligaya has grown to be one of the most successful communities.

In order to bring the Gospel message to other sectors of society and out of a desire to share its community spirituality with more and more people, Ligaya established several renewal ministries and evangelistic movements. One of these movements is the Brotherhood of Christian Businessmen & Professionals.

Thus, in July 1980, 24 men met at the Makati Sports Club in what was to be the first Men's Breakfast of the soon-to-be Brotherhood of Christian Businessmen & Professionals. The initial breakfast flourished with more and more businessmen and professionals attending. This signalled the start of the first Life in the Spirit Seminar, the forerunner of the present Brotherhood Christian Life Program (BCLP).

In a span of two years, the first BCBP chapter was established right from where it all started, Makati. By 1984 the fledging organization split into two chapters with the boundary being the Pasig River. The North Chapter was based in Greenhills, San Juan, the South Chapter remained based in Makati. With this milestone, the BCBP continued to spread its wings the following years with Alabang, south of Metro Manila being established, followed by Dagupan up in the northwestern Luzon region in 1986. There was no stopping in the expansion of BCBP from thereon. Several business hubs in Metro Manila cities and municipalities later on found their birth in the BCBP movement.

At the beginning of 1988, BCBP found its way into the business centers of central Philippines, this time conquering Cebu City, Bacolod City and Puerto Princesa City. Cebu Chapter later on ventured into its neighboring provinces and further down south of the country to open new chapters in Mindanao, with Cagayan de Oro City as its initial take off point.

To date, the BCBP can be found in 113 strategic business centers nationwide covering 37 provinces and 38 dioceses. There are 51 full chapters and 62 outreaches awaiting to be installed as full chapters. In addition, consistent with its calling to evangelize the marketplace, BCBP has opened several corporate evangelization communities in different business establishments, Coca-Cola, Dutch Boy, Phils., Files Systems Inc., Phinma, Mapecon Phils., MZB Mktg, Silay City Gov't., Victorias Milling Co., are among those which have benefited in the conduct of BCLPs and other growth programs through the efforts of the various BCBP chapters' mission teams.

In 2004, The BCBP realized its vision of going global with the initial establishment of two outreaches in the Unites States of America, the Northern California and Southern California Outreaches.